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Bogen 475 version 1 / Manfrotto 475
parts list from 05-279-2002
Bogen 475 version 2 / Manfrotto 475
parts list from 03-31-2004
Versions 1 & 2 have been combined because not significant changes were made to the tripod.

A Upper leg locks 

Lower leg locks  
Lower leg lock snap lever

Rubber foot
D Upper Leg Brace  
E Center Column
F Top Plate
F1 Bubble Level

H Elevation Crank
H1 Elevation Crank Gear (not shown)

Grub screws  
K Strut Lock Knob  
L Center Column Plug  

A R680,07 Upper Leg Lock $ 32.99

This original part is no longer available.  We have a substitute  for this part that is cosmetically different, but performs in the same way as the original part.

B  R055,395 Middle Leg Lock $36.99
Quantity :

B1R055,324N Snap Lock Lever $10.99

Quantity :
C R075,03 Foot $16.99
Quantity :
D R475,06 Upper Brace $19.99
Quantity :
E1 R058,67 13in Center Column $89.99
Quantity :
E2 R028,125 23in Center Column $99.99
Quantity :
F R028,120 Top Plate $19.99
Quantity :
F1 R3,2760 360 Bubble level $12.99; pushes into place and is held tight by friction.  We do not recommend that you use glue.  The bubble level is shown in a square protective cover that may or may not be included, depending upon batch.  If included it is easily removed by pushing the level out from the bottom.  Bubble level shown at the right.
Quantity :
H R161,39 Crank $59.99
Quantity :
H1 R161,50 Column Crank Gear $21.99
J R3,0020 Grub Screw $1.99; Tighten the grub screws to lock the head to the tripod. Sold individually, requires three.
Quantity :
K R058,24 Strut Lock Knob $14.99
Quantity :
L R028,123 Center Column Plug $10.99
Quantity :

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