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Bogen 3051 version 2 / Manfrotto 058
For serial number from A0112278
parts list from 11-11-2004
This is the Silver color tripod

These are for the newest version of the tripod which is the black aluminum crank and 6 sided center column.  Any tripods that have a silver crank or round center column, or are older than 5 years will not take these parts.   Parts for the Round center column tripod are no longer available and except for the leg locks are not interchangeable with these newer parts.

A Replacement Foot
B Tightening Collar
C Center Column
is 6 sided, triangular with rounded corners
D 360 bubble level
Center Column Lock Knob
Elevation Crank
G Column Crank Gear
H Grub Screw
I Strut Lock Knob
Center Column Plug
L Top Plate

A R028,34 Foot $19.99
Quantity :
B R028,28 Tightening Collar $19.99
Click on picture for larger view Center Column is 5 sided, sort of triangular with rounded corners and teeth cut into one side for the Column Crank Gear to fit into in the housing. Round center column tripods no longer have parts available.

C R058,67 13in Center Column $49.99
Quantity :
D R222,29 360 Bubble level $15.99 pushes into place and is held tight by friction.  We do not recommend that you use glue.  The bubble level will be shipped in a square protective cover that is easily removed by pushing the level out from the bottom.  Bubble level shown at the right.
Quantity :
E R029,15 Center Column Lock Knob $11.99 locks the column in place during use. 
Quantity :
F R161,39 Crank $59.99 for the 6 sided center columns.  It will not work with the round center columns.
Quantity :
G R161,50 Column Crank Gear $21.99
H R3,0020 Grub Screw $1.99are the three screws that tighten into the head to prevent the head from loosening during use. 
Quantity :
I R058,24 Strut Lock Knob $14.99 is one of the three knobs that allow you to tighten each leg stabilizer strut independently.
Quantity :
J R028,123 Center Column Plug $7.99 fits into the bottom of the center column preventing it from cranking completely out of the tube.
Quantity :
K R058,09 Column Rod $5.99  Approximately 9.75 inches long, threaded at both ends, with a brass nut on one end.
Quantity :
L R028,120 Top Plate $16.99
Quantity :


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