Bogen 3193 version 3

Bogen 3193 version 3 black video tripod with out leveler, also called Manfrotto 350MVB.
USED parts are marked as USED, parts not marked as USED are new.

3183B version 5 video tripod

A1 Main Casting
A2 Slider Assy
A3 Leg Stopper
A4 Leg Pivot
B Upper Leg

C Clip & Wrench

D1 Leg Slider Assy
D2 Slider Clamp (not a stock item)
D3 Slider Locking Lever

E Leg Yoke

F1 Bottom Leg Tube & Foot (not a stock item)
F2 Rubber Foot Cover
F3 USED Rubber Padded Foot
F4 Rubber Padded Feet, set of 3

G Leg Clip

H Ball Assembly 100mm
Click Here for parts for 500Ball

Editors Notes: This is all the information about this model. Other versions MAY NOT be fully compatible. Check the parts you have against our part pictures to ensure a good match. Due to the age and lack of info from Bogen Corp. this is all we have at this time.