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Bogen 3021 Old style Tripod Identification

There are two different "old style" 3021 tripods.  There is very little visible difference between them, since they use the same leg locks and over all style.  The main casting and leg braces are different and not interchangeable without major renovation.  Here are the main differences:

1 - The leg braces where the leg attaches to the main casting is different.  The oldest (before 1999) 3021 has two visible bolts hold the two parts of the leg brace together.
2 - Manufacturers labels are different on the leg.
3 - The manufacturers logos and identifying marks are in different locations.  The oldest 3021 (before 1999) has "#055" and the Manfrotto tripod logo on the back behind the knob.  The newer (after 1999) has "Manfrotto" and "Italy" written on it.
4 - The oldest (before 1999) 3021 has a removable knob, with a hex wrench built in.  The newer 3021 (after 1999) has a rotating knob that does not come off without disassembly.


Part A in the photo to the left may be the oldest available.  The size and width of the pins is the same as B and C.  The internal locking parts are not interchangeable with the others.   Part B is the newest part, using one screw on the back instead of two like on part CPart C seems to be the most common part available.


The new brace  Part B (on left) has one bolt and is the direct replacement for the old style 2 bolt leg brace on the 3021Part C.  The locking pin and spring will fit either brace with no modification or changes needed. These are called the 3021 original.



This shows the differences between the new double spiral lock and the old single spiral knob.  The difference in the spirals are what keeps the new knobs from working in the old locks.  The new parts cannot be modified or changed to work with the old double spiral locks.




Shown at left, This is the oldest version leg lock (Version 1) it has a stubby flip lever that is square in shape instead of the longer rounded edge version 2 and version 3 leg locks (shown at right).


The newest version of the 3021N, 3021PRO & 3021BPRO have these distinct features:
1- Snap locks that flip in and out instead of rotate up and down, shown at left.  Old style is shown at the right.
2- Leg brace is different, the hinge points both point inward where the older styles both point out (shown below and above for 3021 older styles)
3- 3021Pro has a domed PRO rotation clamp and center post at the top, 3021N is flat
4- Labels are different

These are the current style leg braces for the 3021 series and 055 series.  These are not interchangeable with any 3021 tripod made before 2004



Bogen 3021 Series

Since the 3021 tripod has been on the market for at least 21 years that I can account for, there have been some changes and modifications of the basic design and the parts that will fit.  Click on the approximate age link to go to that tripod page.  Parts listed in the pull down menus are available and generally in stock.  Since items can and do become discontinued or back ordered by the manufacturer, please bear with us as we attempt to offer solutions.
3021 circa before 1985-Ver. 1 3021 before 1995 - Ver. 2 3021 circa after 1995 - Ver. 3 3021 circa after 1999 to 2004 -Ver. 4  


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